Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Saturnalia and The Hobbit

After weeks of planning it finally pushed through!!! Met up with Nii at SM Megamall to watch The Hobbit. I didn't care that I wasn't feeling well and still have work the next day. What's all in my mind was "I MUST WATCH THE HOBBIT" hehe But first, we went to Tokyo Cafe to kill time since we have an hour to wait before the movie starts.
*Obligatory mirror shot*

Nii's gifts!!!!! Everything was adorable!!! My favorite is this Illustration of the girl (Is this suppose to be me? hehe) holding a storm trooper helmet (Is that suppose to be Raki? :P). I really like Nii's style of  illustration it reminds me of Junko Mizuno's art (Erotic and Cute).
The other drawing is for my boyfriend, Raki. I assume that is not him. haha
This is my gift for Nii. Just because we love Portlandia and the phrase "Put a bird on it"

Big ass Angry Puffs!!!!

You know what's weird? I dunno why I want to watch The Hobbit I haven't seen any of The Lord of the rings movies!! haha So, while watching, Nii was constantly giving insights about the characters etc. Now I want to watch the entire lord of the rings trilogy. I also have a crush on Kili!!!!!

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