Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snoe Hair Heroes Review

MY DRY HAIR *crying forever*

I had this amazing idea of bleaching half of my hair. Apparently, it was a mess! My hair became really dry and unmanageable.  It was really frustrating I ended up always tying my hair in a ponytail. I am so glad I found this product called Snoe Hair Heroes and gave it a try and it did wonders to my hair!  I use it before and after I flat iron my hair since it has heat protection thingie. You know what else I love about this product? THE PACKAGING!!!! sometimes I buy stuff just because the packaging is really cute and interesting. 
My hair after using Snoe Hair Hereos, this picture doesn't do justice but hair really did became less dry!

Hair Heroes Intense UV+ Thermal Barrier Protect coats hair , to help combat UV & thermal damage and dryness, keeping hair hydrated and protected. It creates a shielding barrier that fade-proofs color while enhancing vibrancy & multidimensional shine. (after copy pasting this in their website I realized it also protects colored hair too! AMAZING!!!!)
*I shall buy more of this Snoe Products*

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